Departmental Bulletin Paper 公会堂にみる「公」と「私」の境界線
The Boundaty of 'Public Sphere' and 'Private Sphere' Hidden in Public Hall

井原, 麗奈  ,  Rena, IHARA

This paper would like to study the understanding of publicity in modern Japan by analyzing the spread of facilities called "public halls" and the usage of this word. I also would like to clarify the boundary of "public sphere" and "private sphere" by analyzing and pointing out the existence of public elements in "private sphere" and the existence of private elements in "public sphere". Four patterns of examples would be given this time, including (1) public hall in a settlement, (2) public hall with a business meeting place, (3) public hall in a university, and (4) public hall in a recreation facility. Public halls built as donations have been already introduced in previous studies, and if these examples can be classified as building private properties in "limited areas". There are single privious studies about such facilities, but in my narrow view, no one has issued any study while extracting the details of features classified in patterns. Also, we have been interpreting the subject bearing "public sphere" to be "government" = governments or countries, but there are many phenomena that cannot be understood through that interpretation only. I think it's necessary to add private sphere into the range of civic publicity to capture a clearer publicity.

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