Departmental Bulletin Paper 『明題部類抄』諸本系統に関する覚書―本文研究の視点から―
The Note on Medai-Buruisyo : from the Perspective of Main Text Study

藏中, さやか  ,  Sayaka, KURANAKA

Kadai compilations description style is characterized by listing the names of festivals and events, the years of waka poem compositions, and the names of Kadai subject proposers, followed by listing their titles. Medai-buruisyo, Kadai compilations of early date, has been focused on as a study subject. The author has published several papers on consideration of Kadai compilations. For example, Kadai compilations transition from the end of the Middle Ages to modern times has been described in the paper entitled 'Development of Kadai compilations: through an example extracting Medai -buruisyo' (KOBE COLLEGE STUDIES, VOL.60 No.2(No.171)). The scope in the study on Kadai compilations tended to expand into the issues of the way of enlarged editions and the generation of unique books in the previous studies. In this manuscript, the author highlighted the issues which can be noticed from the viewpoint of main text study, by revisiting the Medai-buruisyo traditional manuscript itself. The variant manuscripts of Medai-Buruisyo can be roughly classified into 3 categories of first and second group books comprised of 7 volumes, and third group book recapitulating other volumes, as indicated by previous work, In this study, traditionally noticable person of handwriting and a book from each group were selected, and their main contents were investigated Although there have been many studies of Kadai compilations document data, the author re-investigated their relationships and gave some considerations by carefully looking at the defferences and/ or generated lack and omission of the main texts through the studies of traditioar manuscripts.

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