Departmental Bulletin Paper 高校生物における生態学実験指導法の開発と改良―活動教材を用いた捕食者-被食者相互作用の理解―
Development and Improvement of Teaching Method Based on Ecological Experiment in High School Biology Class ーFostering Understanding of Predator-prey Interaction Using Activity-Based Teaching Materials ー

大西, 伸弥  ,  中川, 徹夫  ,  Shinya, Ohnishi  ,  Tetsuo, Nakagawa

Predator-prey interaction has been mainly taught using only textbooks and their supplementary materials in high school biology classes. Ohshika (2006) has reported an example of teaching methods on the predator-prey interaction using activity based teaching materials in junior high school science classes. However, such activities have not been held in senior high school biology classes. The purpose of this study is to determine if such predator-prey role -play would yield expected changes in predator-prey numbers in high school., The study has shown the following results: the amount of resources decreased with the increase in the number of herbivores, and the number of herbivores decreased with the increase in the number of carnivores. These results reveal approximately logical predator-prey interaction and many students appreciate this method. Therefore, it is believed such activities can serve as effective teaching tools for high school biology classes.

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