Departmental Bulletin Paper 西宮神社の講社組織に関する一考察―神輿奉賛講社の結成と運営を事例に―
A Study on Kosha Organizations for Nishinomiya Shrine ーA Case Study of Establishment and Operation of the Mikoshi Hosan Kosha ー

劉, 勁聰

The author served as a visiting researcher at Kobe College located in Nishinomiya City, Hyogo Prefecture from April 2013 until March 2014. In a visit to Nishinomiya Shrine during this period, the author came to know of what is called a Kosha (service association). The author was strongly interested in learning what a Kosha is and what it does to support events of the Shrine. Then, while visiting events of the Shrine to conduct participant observation, the author joined some Kosha activities and interviewed Kosha members and Shinto priests. As the investigation progressed, it turned out that the Kosha most involved in the annual events and festivals of Nishinomiya Shrine is the Mikoshi Hosan Kosha (Sacred Palanquin Service Association). Based on the result of the investigation conducted by the author, this paper intends to clarify how the Mikoshi Hosan Kosha was established as well as the realities of the actual organization, activities, and operations of Koshas. Additionally, this paper describes the characteristics of the Mikoshi Hosan Kosha and provides the author's view on the future development of Koshas in general.

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