Departmental Bulletin Paper Effectiveness of a Fast Switching Function of Continuous Video Signals on Unmanned Vehicle Controls

HADAMA, Hisaya  ,  OGURA, Masaki  ,  NAKAMURA, Ryohei

Vol.57 ( No.1 )  , pp.11 - 21 , 2017-09 , 防衛大学校
This research aims at the development of an affordable unmanned vehicle (UV) that can becontrolled through cellular networks. Currently, given the instability of the packet transmissionqualities of the cellular network, communication is likely to be interrupted occasionally. Theinterruption of the control signal would impede the precise real-time control of a UV. However,we believe that it might be possible to decrease the occurrence of these interruptions bytransmitting communication over multiple wireless networks, given their availability innumerous areas. Accordingly, in this paper, we propose a fast switching function that can beused to facilitate video signal transmission and assist effective UV control. We begin byelucidating the availability and packet transmission qualities of commercial networks, thenprovide a detailed explanation of our proposal, and finally conclude with our evaluation results.

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