Departmental Bulletin Paper MeSO-net を用いたバックプロジェクション法による関東地方の中規模地震の破壊過程の解析

村越, 匠  ,  西澤, 航  ,  岩瀨, 康行  ,  江口, 孝雄

第55巻 ( 第1号 )  , pp.35 - 41 , 2017-09 , 防衛大学校
The current study aims to obtain the rupture process of moderate-size earthquakes in space and time byusing waveforms in the Metropolitan Seismic Observation Network (MeSO-net). The MeSO-net, in whichall stations were established in 2012, is high-density seismograph network in and around the Tokyometropolitan area, Japan. The average station-to-station distances in MeSO-net are several kilometers.The average intervals are less than a quarter of existing seismic networks in Japan, where the averagedistances in K-net and KiK-net are about 20 km. Then, we analyze the fault motion of moderate-sizeearthquakes in and around Kanto area, Japan by applying the back-projection method to seismicwaveforms in MeSO-net. We construct detail images of the rupture process of moderate-size earthquakes.As a result, the spatial resolution of the rupture process for M5.1 earthquake is 0.5 km.

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