Departmental Bulletin Paper 特異な熱分解特性を持つ微粒過塩素酸アンモニウムを用いた推進薬の燃焼特性と熱分解性

甲賀, 誠

第53巻 ( 第1号 )  , pp.59 - 64 , 2015-09 , 防衛大学校
Fine ammonium perchlorate (AP) is required to obtain high burning rate propellant. Fine AP (SAP), ofwhich the particle diameter is about 3 m and which was prepared by the spray-drying of AP-saturatedmethanol, had unique thermal decomposition behavior as compared with commercial AP. The burning ratecharacteristics and thermal decomposition behaviors of the propellant prepared with SAP wereinvestigated in this study. The burning rate characteristics of the propellant containing SAP were superiorto those of the propellant with commercial AP. The temperature range and activation energy of mainthermal decomposition for the propellant with SAP were lower than those for the propellant withcommercial AP. The preferable burning characteristics and thermal decomposition behaviors of thepropellant with SAP were attributable to the unique thermal decomposition behavior of SAP. It was foundthat SAP was a useful oxidizer to prepare high burning rate propellants.

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