Departmental Bulletin Paper 「初等教科教育法」におけるアクティブ・ラーニング型授業改善への試み : 学生のアンケート調査から見た指導効果と課題
Attempt to Improve Classes using the Active Learning Method, According to the“Method of Primary Subject Education”: Guidance Effects and Challenges as Seen from Student Questionnaire Survey
ショトウ キョウカ キョウイクホウ ニ オケル アクティブ ラーニングガタ ジュギョウ カイゼン エノ ココロミ ガクセイ ノ アンケート チョウサ カラ ミタ シドウ コウカ ト カダイ

山本, 幸夫  ,  Yukio, YAMAMOTO

Active learning has been adopted as a method for facilitating learning at universities by incorporating activities. How much effect does it have on meaning of learning and understanding of contents? The purpose of this study was to verify the guidance effects and challenges of the“method of primary subject education” (life environment studies) which incorporates active learning lessons.First, I made the coordinate axis to think about the syllabus consisting of “internalization”and“externalization”“repeat”and“reconstruct”. based on the syllabus, tried to practice. Next, the practice clarified whether it was effective for the meaning of learning and understanding of contents. The investigation way was student questionnaire survey. As a result, it was revealed that two type classes, from“reconstruct”-“internalization”to“reconstruct”-“externalization” and from“repeat”-“internalization”to“reconstruct”-“externalization”brought the meaning of learning and deep understanding . In this paper, I also arranged future problems.

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