Departmental Bulletin Paper 高校入試問題と小学校算数科の内容の関わり : 根号を含む数の計算と単位の考え、数についての感覚との関わりについて
Relation between the High School Entrance Examination and Elementary School Arithmetic : Considering Numbers Using a Unit and Number Sense and Square Root Calculation
コウコウ ニュウシ モンダイ ト ショウガッコウ サンスウカ ノ ナイヨウ ノ カカワリ コンゴウ オ フクム カズ ノ ケイサン ト タンイ ノ カンガエ カズ ニ ツイテノ カンカク トノ カカワリ ニ ツイテ

田村, 壽  ,  Hisashi, TAMURA

This article shows that "considering numbers using a unit" and "number sense" influence theinstruction of square root calculation. I present things to keep in mind during instruction. I show the importance of the association between elementary school arithmetic and junior high school mathematics. I clarify the current issue regarding calculating the square root during the high school entrance examination. I show that "considering numbers using a unit" and "number sense" relate to "the calculation of the square root". I present things to keep in mind in the instruction.

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