Departmental Bulletin Paper 「小学校教育実習」における事前・事後指導の在り方 : 学生の意識調査から見た指導効果と課題
Preand PostGuidance Procedures in “Primary School Teaching Practice”: Guidance Effects and Challenges as Seen from Student Attitudes Survey
ショウガッコウ キョウイク ジッシュウ ニ オケル ジゼン ジゴ シドウ ノ アリカタ ガクセイ ノ イシキ チョウサ カラミタ シドウコウカ ト カダイ

大杉, 稔  ,  山本, 幸夫  ,  田村, 壽  ,  オオスギ, ミノル  ,  ヤマモト, ユキオ  ,  タムラ, ヒサシ  ,  Minoru, OSUGI  ,  Yukio, YAMAMOTO  ,  Hisashi, TAMURA

The purpose of this study was to verify the effects and challenges of teaching practice guidance. A pre investigation of teaching practice anxieties revealed that “lesson planning” was the cause of greatest anxiety amongst student teachers followed by “human relation” factors. Based on these results, “Teaching practice guidance”, was expanded to include such things as mock lessons, lectures by active teachers, and video viewing. A post teaching practice survey results, made clear whether pre teaching guidance anxieties were allieved, and pre teaching guidance was actually useful during teaching practice. Overall, the results were favorable. For example, in the case of “Researching teaching materials”, there was a link in anxiety allevia- tion, but in practical terms, in relieving actual teaching practice situation anxiety, there was quite a low tendency. From this it was revealed the importance of having a more broad utility with respect to “Teaching materials research viewpoint” to also combine things like instructional objectives and developmental charac- teristics of children, while not stopping the making of teaching materials per se. Furthermore, the survey revealed a discrepency between pre teaching practice expectations and the actual teaching situation. During teaching practice, students found difficulty in things like how to ask questions and how to respond to chil- dren who require extra support. In this paper, based on the survey results, we attempt to organize the data in order to heighten awareness, and develop a sense of mission with regard to post teaching practice reflection procedures for the purposes of training students to become teachers.

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