Departmental Bulletin Paper 経済環境の変化と生活設計の必要性 : 生命保険販売チャネルの多様化をふまえて
Changes in Economic Environment and Necessity of Life Planning
ケイザイ カンキョウ ノ ヘンカ ト セイカツ セッケイ ノ ヒツヨウセイ セイメイホケン ハンバイ チャンネル ノ タヨウカ オ フマエテ

神田, 恵未  ,  カンダ, エミ  ,  Emi, KANDA

This article discuss of changes brought by diversification in sales channel of life insurance followed by the changes of consumers’ needs, understanding the various changes in management of life planning, and particularly of the significance for individual’s life planning. The diversification in sales channel of life insurance, considers providing various choices for consumers, that through comparison, enables consumers to choose the most satisfying means of purchasing life insurances given the multiplicity of available options.This article also examines how insurance companies can meet consumers’ various potential need.

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