Departmental Bulletin Paper 特別支援教育における指導の観点に基づく教員養成プログラムの作成に関する研究 2 : 視覚障害・聴覚障害・知的障害・肢体不自由・病弱・発達障害児の授業における配慮点を活用した教員養成におけるより有効な指導法の開発
The Study on the Development of the Program to Train Teachers for Special Needs Education from a Perspective of Instructional Methods (2) : The Development of the Effective Instructional Methods in Teacher Training Utilizing the Points to be Considered When Instructing Children with Visual Impairments, Hearing Impairments, Intellectual Disabilities, Physical Disabilities, Health Impairments, and/or Developmental Disorders

川戸, 明子  ,  太田, 仁  ,  伊丹, 昌一  ,  阿部, 晋吾  ,  福井, 斉


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