Departmental Bulletin Paper 農山間地域の高齢者が「できる限り在宅生活を継続する」ために必要な要件 : 民生委員の活動を通し高齢者の生活の実情と課題を探る
Requirements for elderly adults in rural communities to be able to continue living at home as long as possible : Understanding the lives of elderly adults and challenges they face through public and child welfare committee activities

石橋, 文枝

The objective of this study was to determine what is required for elderly adults to be able to continue living at home as long as possible. The study focused on two rural communities in Unnan City, which is located in the eastern part of Shimane Prefecture in Japan. With the cooperation of the Unnan City Council of Social Welfare, public and child welfare committees in the two towns were interviewed in focus groups about the lives of elderly adults and the challenges they face, based on a guided interview format, and qualitative inductive analysis was performed. It was found that even though both areas were rural communities, factors such as differences in residents' lifestyles due to local differences between the communities and differences in the extent of intervention by public and child welfare committees affected the safety and security of elderly adults' lives. Factors that impede support by those who support elderly adults were also identified. These results indicate that requirements beyond the expertise of those who offer support include engaging in efforts to connect elderly adults with their community and enhancing connections of support to elderly adults' lifestyles, ways of thinking, and families.

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