Departmental Bulletin Paper インクルーシブ教育システムとソーシャル・スキル・エジュケーション : 小学校での通級指導におけるSSEの実践過程
Social Skill Education contributing to an Inclusive Education System : A process of implementing SSE for special support services in resource rooms at elementary schools

太田, 仁  ,  太田, 綾

Toward the realization of inclusive education, this is the first report of collaboration on social skill education (SSE) through social skill training (SST) which is regarded to be effective to support interpersonal behavior of the children with developmental disorders which show low conspicuity especially when children are at elementary schools where they develop the foundation of sociability, which often leads to the misunderstanding by others. The skill training to control emotions have been implemented on a continual basis in special needs education classes. The skill training was applied to regular classes in collaboration with 4 teachers of special classes at the elementary school. The report includes the challenges and future prospects at the beginning of collaboration in order to generalize and apply the skill training in SSE at regular classes. Through the activities prior to the collaboration, it became clear that the shared understanding among teachers, the assessment of the whole school, and the needs of the applied classes were not clearly understood in advance. Also, since the generally available program was used, it contained some items that were unmatched for the school where the activities took place and the items that were educationally inappropriate. It is confirmed that there is the necessity to further continue the activities with the above mentioned issues as future challenges so that they will not become merely temporary efforts.

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