Departmental Bulletin Paper 教師からの叱りに対する生徒の反応とビッグファイブ性格特性との関連
The Relationships between Students' Responses to Being Reprimanded by Teacher and the Big Five Personality Traits

阿部, 晋吾  ,  太田, 仁  ,  福井, 斉  ,  渡邊, 力生

We examined the relationships between junior high school students' experience of being reprimanded by a teacher and the Big Five personality traits. A total of 541 students (277 female, from 13 to 15 years old) completed the questionnaire. The results showed that students' rejection of reprimand led to an increase in troubled behaviors and worsened relations between teacher and student. In contrast, students' acceptance of reprimand was related to improvements in behaviors and better relations between teacher and student. Students with high agreeableness and conscientiousness tended to accept reprimands. Moreover, agreeableness was related to good relations, conscientiousness to improvements in behaviors, neuroticism to acceptance of reprimand, and openness to worsened relations.

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