Departmental Bulletin Paper 絵本の読み語りにおける読み手と聞き手が創り出す「場」 : クラーゲスのリズム論を手がかりとして
"Frame" Created by the Reader and Listeners during Picture Book Narration : Clues from the Rhythmic Theories of Klages

藤井, 奈津子

Previous studies on picture books in the fields of early childhood education and childcare primarily focus on (1) artistic and literary expression, (2) the reactions of children to whom the books are read aloud, and (3) strategies for taking advantage of picture books in developing childcare. In contrast, this study focuses on communication between reader and listeners during group readings, that is, the "frame" (ba) created by adults and children. The study applies the rhythmic theories of the German philosopher Ludwig Klages to interpret the practices used in the Koume Library, a kindergarten picture-book club, and clarifies how the "frame" of rhythmic resonance created by reader and listeners is a place where the lives of adults and children are mutually invigorated.

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