Departmental Bulletin Paper eラーニングを活用した基礎看護技術の学習支援の評価
Evaluation of Web-based Learning Support for Fundamental Nursing Skills

西上, あゆみ  ,  緒方, 巧  ,  湯浅, 美香

The purpose of this study is to use e-learning in the technical exercise class of basic nursing science, and to elucidate its effects and issues. In terms of the method, the researchers prepared the e-learning teaching materials, and we conducted researches among 90 freshman students of the nursing science faculty who are taking 'Fundamental Nursing Skill I 'class, of : 1) actual conditions of using the teaching materials, 2) some quizzes on the technical exercise,3) and a self-writing questionnaire research. In the questionnaire, we asked 22 questions,referring to preceding studies, such as whether they have computers, where and when they use e-learning materials, and if they were interesting or helpful. The results showed that the average usage rate of e-learning materials was 84.1% before the exercise class, but was 93.6% after the completion of the exercise class. The comparison between the average number of times of usage of e-learning materials and the results of the quizzes get better grade.The feedbacks of self-writing questionnaire indicated that the students regarded highly the necessity of the e-learning, interest and motivation. As a consequence, it became evident that the e-learning is effective in the technical exercise class in basic nursing science.

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