Departmental Bulletin Paper さまようフィジー人―相互扶助組織に現れる諸実践の文化的背景と近代的正統性の模索―

高橋, 玲

 This article utilizes a new framework of economic anthropology posited in the author’sprevious article to analyze actual cases. The modernization of developing countries can beunderstood as a process in which people in such countries are acquiring the “capitalistichabitus.” The author conducted his fieldwork in two villages in Fiji. In their traditional sociallife, especially their reciprocal organization, several kinds of“ deviating practices” caused by theexpansion of the market system were seen. While some people can acclimatize to the changingsocial circumstances well, others can’t. Through the interaction of their practices appearing inthe field, a new“ legitimacy” is being reproduced.

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