Departmental Bulletin Paper 体育実技授業「ダンス」へ学生の関心度を高める工夫の一考察

中西, 増代

 An attitude survey on dance was conducted in the initial and last dance training sessionsof a physical education course offered in the first half of FY 2016. The survey involved 23female university students living in Western Japan and measured changes in the students’attitudes toward dance. In addition, a midterm anthropometric and fitness measurementwas performed. In the attitude survey, positive comments, such as “My expressive skillsimproved” (p<0.001), “I could share my feelings with others through dance” (p<0.001),and “Creation and presentation through collaboration with others led me to develop sensesof accomplishment and refreshment” (p<0.001), were frequently observed. Furthermore,in the free-descriptive section, a large number of the students stated: “Performing creativedances was so enjoyable that I would like to dance again if there is another chance”. After receiving the training that comprised the course curriculum, students began showinggreater active attitudes towards dancing and being physically creative, rather than regardingcourse content as compulsory. This supports the appropriateness of the contents during thedance training sessions, and indicates that the experience of participating in them leads toself-directed activities in future physical education programs. In line with this, it may alsobe useful for students who desire to be engaged in nursery services or education to becomesupervisors who actively perform expressive activities.

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