Departmental Bulletin Paper 平行棒における「前振り片腕支持3/4ひねり単棒倒立経過,軸腕を換えて3/4ひねり背面支持」のコツに関する一考察
A Study About the Personal Technique of" 3/4 Diamidov & 3/4 Healy on the Other Hand to Support" on the Parallel Bars.

遠藤, 正紘

The purpose of this study was to clarify the technical skill to perform smoothly the middle phase in the" 3/4 Diamidov & 3/4 Healy on the other hand to support" move on the parallel bars.First, the acquisition process was analyzed and then it is clarified how the author's learning of the technique occurred, and finally, a discussion considering the meaning of this personal technique from the perspective of Bewegungslehre (motion learning), which Kaneko advocates. Several useful points are presented about acquiring the technique to execute smoothly the middle phase of the "3/4 Diamidov & 3/4 Healy on the other hand to support" move through this study.

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