Departmental Bulletin Paper 看護演習科目へのルーブリック導入の効果・ルーブリック評価の信頼性と妥当性の検討

貝谷, 敏子  ,  菅原, 美樹  ,  川村, 三希子  ,  神島, 滋子  ,  藤井, 瑞恵  ,  工藤, 京子  ,  柏倉, 大作  ,  村松, 真澄  ,  小田, 和美  ,  中村, 惠子

This study assessed the effects of using scoring rubrics on students’ learning. Furthermore,it examined the reliability and validity of scoring rubrics. The participants were university students (n =84) who selected the course of symptom management in 2015 and faculty members of the course (n = 7).Course evaluation was performed on the basis of students’ questionnaire, report, and scoring rubrics. 68 questionnaires were completed and returned, providing a response rate of 81.0%. Students highly rated the item “prepared for a class” using rubric for “confirmation of the evaluation criteria” and “confirmation of attainment target.” The intraclass correlation coefficients (ICC) ranged between 0.53 and 0.81 in case of previous arrangement of the evaluation criteria between faculty members. The ICC between the student and the faculty varied widely each time. Using scoring rubrics in nursing practices on the campus will help evaluate students’ work and performance. Reliability may be improved by considering the ratings in previous arrangement.

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