Departmental Bulletin Paper 近年の住宅建築における立面の資料整理―「新建築住宅特集」を資料として―

笹島, 麻代  ,  金子, 晋也  ,  羽深, 久夫

In this research,we organized information on elevation plan of residential construction since 2000s which is related to surrounding environment.There are 95 elevation plans for 80 recent residential construction works,which were selected from the articles featured in the WORKS column in SHINKENCHIKU JUTAKUTOKUSYU published between 2006 and 2012.For these works,openings were designed on the elevation surfaces facing the road,and layout plans, ground plans,elevation plans,and sectional plans were prepared.The contents of the information included the resource number of the works,research material data,size of the openings and room names of the sides facing the road,layout plans,elevation plans,and isometric plans.We believe that this organized information will be data of the elevation.Also,by using research materials,we make case comparison and distill design intent.Therefore this organized information will be helpful when we make clear architect’s intent.

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