Departmental Bulletin Paper 『ユニバーサルデザイン』に関する卒業生アンケートの分析
Analysis of Questionnaire on "Universal Design" for Graduates
ユニバーサル デザイン ニ カンスル ソツギョウセイ アンケート ノ ブンセキ

迫, 秀樹  ,  永山, 広樹  ,  サコ, ヒデキ  ,  ナガヤマ, ヒロキ  ,  Hideki, SAKO  ,  Hiroki, NAGAYAMA

A questionnaire survey for graduates of the Faculty of Design was conducted regarding a class titled as "Universal Design (UD)". The questionnaire contained question items such as contents in the class that had been remaining in graduates' memories, their degree of understandings toward UD, the class's association to their jobs, good things that they had learned, their feedbacks and comments against the class and the concept of UD in the future. As a result, many feedbacks have been collected concerning the ways of conducting the class and its contents, and their trends vary by department. These feedbacks in the form of free description are thought to be served as useful references in considering the class of UD in the future.

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