Departmental Bulletin Paper 「ユニバーサルデザイン絵本ワークショップ」の可能性と今後の展望
Promotion activity of "universal design picture book" and future's development
ユニバーサル デザイン エホン ワークショップ ノ カノウセイ ト コンゴ ノ テンボウ

小浜, 朋子  ,  林, 左和子  ,  オバマ, トモコ  ,  ハヤシ, サワコ  ,  Tomoko, Obama  ,  Sawako, HAYASHI

"Universal design (in the following, UD) picture book" is suitable as the material of the UD study the science. It's possible to utilize specialty of each of cultural political science department and design department. As a result, the seen effect and future's view will be reported with the match contents in a UD picture book workshop for this 1 year when more new tries have been piled on the former activity here.

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