Departmental Bulletin Paper ポーランド近代産業遺産の文化芸術施設への改変の動向
Trend of Conversions from Modern Industrial Heritage to Contemporary Arts & Culture Facilities in Poland
ポーランド キンダイ サンギョウ イサン ノブンカ ゲイジュツ シセツ エノ カイヘン ノ ドウコウ

根本, 敏行  ,  ネモト, トシユキ  ,  Toshiyuki, Nemoto

In recent years, the facilities of the factories or mines of modern industrial heritage remaining in Poland, have attempt to renovated to accept various contemporary function one after another. As with similar cases around the world, these facilities have also become a location for "cultural and artistic function" in addition to the "commercial and service functions". The background to this, is a policy of trying to enrich cities and regions in both economic and cultural aspects by activating the cultural and artistic functions.

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