Departmental Bulletin Paper アイトラッキングによるLaunching事象の因果性知覚の検討
Causal perception in launching events : An eye-tracking study
アイトラッキング ニ ヨル Launching ジショウ ノ インガセイ チカク ノ ケントウ

小杉, 大輔  ,  コスギ, ダイスケ  ,  Daisuke, KOSUGI

In the current study, I explored how adults perceive causality in launching events. I showed adults the direct launching and the delayed launching events. In the direct launching condition, adults saw the event in which one object moved half-way across a screen and came into contact with the second object, then the second moved the remaining way across the screen. In the delayed launching condition, adults saw the event in which there was a temporal delay before the second object moved. It is known that adult observers report that the movement of the second is caused by that of the first when they see the direct launching, but not when they see the delayed launching. Using eyetracking, demonstrated that the gaze performances of the adults were different between conditions.

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