Departmental Bulletin Paper Saul Bellowの Ravelstein にみるチックの語りの妙技
Chick's Narrative in Ravelstein by Saul Bellow
Saul Bellow ノ Ravelstein ニ ミル チック ノ カタリ ノ ミョウギ

鈴木, 元子  ,  スズキ, モトコ  ,  Motoko, SUZUKI

Saul Bellow's Ravelstein is a biographical Roman à clef ; in translating into Japanese, I could fully recognize that Chick, Bellow's narrator, is superb here. In chapter one, Chick’s positioning, role and idiosyncratic features are discussed. In chapter two, since it intersects with biography, I have explored a brief history of English biography and how Chick keeps the unfolding narrative under his control. In chapter three, as his narrative virtuosity, wisecrack, wit, epigrammatic style, a neologism, color, animal, joke, audeville, a wise saying, simile, and alliteration are examined. In the last chapter, we will discuss a elationship between narrative and dialogue.

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