Departmental Bulletin Paper ヤミナ・ベンギギの映像作品とテキスト : フランスにおけるマグレブ移民の母たちと娘たち
The Films and Books of Yamina Benguigui : Daughters of Maghrebian Immigrants and their Mothers
ヤミナ ベンギギ ノ エイゾウ サクヒン ト : フランス ニ オケル マグレブ イミン ノ ハハ タチ ト ムスメ タチ

石川, 清子  ,  イシカワ, キヨコ  ,  Kiyoko, ISHIKAWA

Yamina Benguigui is a French film director, writer, and politician, whose parents are Algerian and immigrated to France in the early 1950s. Benguigui's film, Mémoires d'immigrés, l'héritage maghrébin (1997) is a remarquable masterpiece representing and testimoning the history of almost a half century of Maghrebian immigrants settling in France. Benguigui's trilogy, her early works including this documentary, Femmes d'Islam (1994) and Inch'Allah dimanche (2001), stresses on representing the women of the first generation coming to France in the 1970s to join their husband. Through these mothers'(histories and)stories, Benguigui attempts to quest her (and their daughters') own identity.

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