Departmental Bulletin Paper 浜松の民芸運動の現代的評価に向けて(2)
Towards the Evaluation of the MINGEI Movement in Hamamatsu (2)
ハママツ ノ ミンゲイ ウンドウ ノ ゲンダイテキ ヒョウカ ニ ムケテ 2

黒田, 宏治  ,  阿蘇, 裕矢  ,  クロダ, コウジ  ,  アソ, ユウヤ  ,  Kohji, KURODA  ,  Yuya, ASO

In this paper, we performed the interview to native district historiographer and member of MINGEI Association, about the history of the MINGEI Movement in Hamamatsu, leading to the recent years from the early Showa era. Towards the evaluation of the MINGEI Movement in Hamamatsu, we like to continue to do the research.

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