Departmental Bulletin Paper 欧州都市のユダヤ人街に関する研究ノート(1) : ヴェネツィア(イタリア)の調査報告
Research Notes for Jewish quarters of European cities (1) : Reports of Venice (Italy)
オウシュウトシノユダヤジンガイニカンスルケンキュウノート (1) : ヴェネツィア イタリア ノ チョウサ ホウコク

根本, 敏行  ,  ネモト, トシユキ  ,  Toshiyuki, Nemoto

This paper is about research issues related to Jewish quarter in European cities, and is part of a series of studies of the same. In this case, I picked up the ghetto of Venice (the origin of the word ghetto). The same background could be observerd between the success of Jews in Venice and today's creative city theory.

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