Departmental Bulletin Paper 乳児における因果的認識と行為の産出との関連
The relations between action production and causal perception in infancy
ニュウジ ニ オケル インガテキ ニンシキ ト コウイ ノ サンシュツ トノ カンケイ

小杉, 大輔  ,  コスギ, ダイスケ  ,  Daisuke, KOSUGI

In this paper, I conducted preliminary study about the relations between infants' action production and their causal perception. Two infants were tested in the visual habituation paradigm to assess their perception of causality in physical and goal-directed actions of objects. In addition, I explored these infants' action production in their daily lives using their baby books. Results suggest that infants' action production affects their perception of causality around 6 months of age.

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