Departmental Bulletin Paper 劇場空間の前舞台領域に関する考察 : パリ・オペラ座(1875)をモデルとする帝国劇場(1911)の「貴賓席」について
A Study of the forestage area in the theater space : The royal box in the Garnier (1875) and In Teikoku Gekijyo (1911)
ゲキゾウクウカン ノ マエブタイ リョウイキ ニ カンスル コウサツ : パリ オペラザ 1875 オ モデル ト スル テイコク ゲキジョウ 1911 ノ キヒンセキ ニ ツイテ

永井, 聡子  ,  ナガイ, サトコ  ,  Satoko, NAGAI

"The royal box" in the theater:Teikoku gekijyo exists in the proscenium domain to connect the stage and a seat with and shows the relationship of both. I consider the placement of "the royal box" where Teikoku gekijyo and one of the models of the theater construction and the opera house (Garnier designed) of Paris where it was which opened in 1911 were established for the example in those days to consider the stage and the relationship in the proscenium domain of the seat that became the argument in a process of the modernization of the theater in this article. I discuss the method of the consideration mainly on the document about the theater.

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