Research Paper 長野県諏訪地方におけるラッパ文化の形成に関する研究

奥中, 康人

This is a case study of the acculturation of Western musical instruments in modern Japan, focusing the past and present of the bugle (rappa) culture in Suwa area, Nagano Prefecture, mainly by literature research and field work.Bugle, which was adopted as a tool for transmitting the signal in the army at the end of Edo period, was spread widely and used in volunteer fire company around the country during the Meiji era. However, by the development of communication technology, bugle rapidly became useless. In Nagano Prefecture, "Bugle Corps" was recognized as a group to play the music, and the Bugle Contest has been held since 1970's. Especially in Suwa area in recent years, fire bugle corps is recognized as a very important musical instrument of traditional religious ceremony.

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