Departmental Bulletin Paper 大学スポーツ選手に対する実践的栄養教育
Practical nutrition education for university athletes

小島, 菜実絵  ,  宮原, 恵子  ,  小田, 和人  ,  松尾, 嘉代子  ,  宮里, 奈々枝  ,  田井, 健太郎  ,  水野, 秀一  ,  今村, 裕行  ,  Namie, KOJIMA  ,  Keiko, MIYAHARA  ,  Kazuto, ODA  ,  Kayoko, MATSUO  ,  Nanae, MIYAZATO  ,  Kentaro, TAI  ,  Shuichi, MIZUNO  ,  Hiroyuki, IMAMURA

Dietary management is important for athletes in order to improve their performance. However, such management is difficult for them, and they often take nutrients in inappropriate amounts. We herein provided athletes with nutrition education involving cooking practice, with the aim of developing their skills for dietary management, and clarifying the contents needed for practical nutrition education. University volleyball players and karate practitioners received nutrition education, and were administered a questionnaire inquiring about their knowledge, skills, and awareness in order to determine the effects of the education. The question items were scored on a 5-point grading scale: the answers “I agree”, “I slightly agree”, “no applicable answer”, “I slightly disagree”, and “I disagree” equaled 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 point, respectively. For all question items, except for 1 knowledge-related item, karate practitioners showed an average of >4 points, suggesting the beneficial effects of nutrition education for athletes' dietary management.

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