Departmental Bulletin Paper 若者ソーシャルワーク論構築に関する基礎研究 ―佐世保市における商店主へのインタビュー調査分析から―
Basic research on the construction of the Youth Social Work Theory: Analysis of the interviews with shop keepers in Sasebo

坂本, 雅俊  ,  馬場, 保子  ,  Masatoshi, SAKAMOTO  ,  Yasuko, BABA

本論は、若者ソーシャルワークの理論構築の一部として、子どもが育つ環境の変化が若者の暮らしに与える影響について構造を明らかにする。特に、長崎県佐世保市における「子ども同士の二つの殺人事件(2004年、2014年)」の出来事は、若者の生きづらさを持つ地域環境に原因があるのではと仮説をたてた。そこで、子どもの発達が保障される「場」である「家庭・学校・地域」のうち、「地域」に焦点をあて、商店街の店主にフォーカス・グループインタビューを行い、SCQRM: Structural Construction Qualitative Research Method (西條:2005)を用いて分析した。子どもを取り巻く環境は、衝撃的な事件によって『「まち」が固まり』、心の教育に10年間取り組んでいても、“また佐世保”で事件が起き、『「まち」が沈む』という体験をしていた。子どもたちを取り巻く環境は、情報化と急激な競争の波の影響を受け、『翻弄される子ども』を生み出し『子どもが生きづらい』「場」となっていた。
The purpose of this study was to clarify the effects of changes in the environment of young people as they grow up, related to the construction of the Youth Social Work Theory. In particular, we hypothesized that the difficult living environment for youth may have been the cause behind the two incidents of children killing children in Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture (2004, 2014). Among the places that influence children's development (home, school, community) , we decided to focus on the community aspect and carried out interviews with shopkeepers in the downtown shopping district. The results were analyzed with SCQRM: Structural Construction Qualitative Research Method (Saijo: 2005). The incidents that occurred in Sasebo left the city in a state of shock that was acutely felt by the city's youth. Even though the city responded by implementing children's mental health care programs, ten years after the initial incident, again a similar incident occurred in Sasebo, and the city and its residents sank deeper into a general feeling of malaise and gloom. In addition, the intrusive nature of information-oriented society and the competitive and unforgiving academic demands imposed on youth in primary and secondary schools deeply affected the city's environment for young people.

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