Departmental Bulletin Paper 介護福祉現場で働く介護福祉士養成施設卒業生への卒後教育に関する研究 ―介護福祉士人材養成の現在の状況と卒後教育を行う上での課題―
A study on continued education after graduation for care worker training school graduates who work in care field: And to clarify the current status of care workers in human resource development, described the future challenges of continuing education after graduation

浦, 秀美  ,  Hidemi, URA

In this paper, we considered as there is a need for education to the graduates not only to the students as teachers of care worker training school, was examined from multiple sides. Status quo ① care worker qualification is complicated, from the current situation of care workers that is required both of ② quality and quantity, it was considered that the tackle for the graduates as ③ care worker training school. Also discuss the relationship between the human resource shortages and human resource training, and find no often challenge the amount and quality influence each other. From the above, it should be noted that I made it clear that there is a need for more human resources training.

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