Departmental Bulletin Paper 国際観光が観光者の対ホスト国イメージに与える影響 ―ポピュラー文化と地域文化に触れる観光を事例として―
International Tourism and Its Influence on Tourists' Impression of Host Country: the case of a tour to experience popular culture and local community culture in Japan

滝, 知則  ,  Tomonori, TAKI

This article considers whether tourism experience, in which international tourists are exposed to popular culture and local community culture of destination country, can affect the tourists' impression of the host country. This consideration will be made on an assumption that international tourism may be able to contribute to making of regional identity. Chapters 1 discusses whether making of regional identity is possible in contemporary Asia. Chapter 2 reports results of opinion polls on how the Japanese and the Chinese, as well as the Japanese and the South Koreans, see each other. In Chapter 3, results of a questionnaire that author has carried out to tourists participated in a study tour that the author conducted. In addition to nationalism, regional identity may become a source of collective identity in international relations. However, making of regional identity has barely started in East Asia. This dovetails with a fact that negative images exist between Japan and China, as well as Japan and South Korea. Results of the questionnaire indicate that some of participants in the above tour tend to distinguish diplomatic issues between the governments on one hand, and personal interests as tourists on the other. This is the case with those who retain positive interests to Japan before the tour begins. These results suggest that experiences in international tourism may support or strengthen tourists' positive image toward the host country which have been made prior to the tour.

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