Departmental Bulletin Paper スポーツボランティア活動が体育会系部活動所属学生の気分状態に与える心理的影響 ―ボランティアスタッフの満足感に着目して―
Psychological Effects on Sports Activity Volunteers Belonging University Sports Club: Focusing on Satisfaction

元嶋, 菜美香  ,  宮良, 俊行  ,  熊谷, 賢哉  ,  金, 相勳  ,  田井, 健太郎  ,  Namika, MOTOSHIMA  ,  Toshiyuki, MIYARA  ,  Kenya, KUMAGAI  ,  Sanghoon, KIM  ,  Kentaro, TAI

The purpose of this study was to examine the effects on the moods of volunteer activity participants and what factors effected their satisfaction. We investigated 38 students who belong to sports clubs in universities who volunteered for a sports event at Nagasaki International University using the Scale of volunteer's Motivations, Two-Dimensional Mood Scale, Functionally Relevant Benefits Scale and Volunteer's Satisfaction Scale. When the measured scores before and after sports event participation were compared, the “vitality level” (p<.05) and the “degree of pleasure” (p<.05) increased significantly, suggesting that mood of volunteers improved and became more positive. Moreover, we calculated a correlation between the Volunteer's Satisfaction Scale and the 2 other scales, mood after the activity measured by Two-Dimensional Mood Scale (r=0.54, p<.01) and Functionally Relevant Benefits Scale (r=0.30, p<.10) effected the satisfaction of the volunteers who belong to sports club in universities.

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