Departmental Bulletin Paper 自動車向けシート表皮材の新商品企画書を教材とした体験型授業の取り組み;Practice of Student-Centered Learning Using a New Product Proposal Form for Materials of Car Seat

谷田, 育宏;TANIDA, Ikuhiro  ,  大澤, 敏;OSAWA, Satoshi

(25)  , pp.21 - 30 , 2017/3/1 , 金沢工業大学
バイオ・化学大意(1 年次前学期)において、自動車向けシート表皮材の新商品提案をテーマとした授業を行った。シート表皮材の製造工程を化学技術の側面から紹介し、得た知識を応用して学生が個々に新商品企画書を作成できる体験型授業を実施した。繊維加工の技術に触れ、実際に自らが商品設計することによって、開発に対する興味や難しさを感じ、知識をどう活かすのかを学ぶことを授業の目的とした。本報では、新商品企画書を用いた授業の取り組みとその効果について論じる。;We developed a new type of class that students think up new item ideas regarding with the car seat in an Introduction to Bioscience and Chemistry class for first-year university students. The think of production process of seat cloth is introduced to the class from a viewpoint of chemical technology field. The practice of student-centered learning is carried out for individual composing a new product proposal to apply process knowledge gained from the lecture of fiber. The objective of the class is to learn how to use acquired information from exposure to the textile-processing technology and actually designing a product by themselves. We will discuss the educational effect by using new product proposal in the class.

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