Departmental Bulletin Paper 「高大連携による数理教育の研究」に関する研究会の活動-平成17 年度第1 回から平成26 度第50 回までの歩み-;The Activity of the Study Group for ‘the Study of the Math-Science Education by the High-School University Collaboration’ -Step from the 2005 first to the 2014 50th-

三嶋, 昭臣;Akiomi, MISHIMA

(24)  , pp.307 - 317 , 2016/3/31 , 金沢工業大学
「高大連携による数理教育の研究」に関する研究会は,平成17 年度から平成26 年度まで,50 回開催された.「高大連携による教育研究プロジェクト」の活動のまとめを報告する.このプロジェクトメンバーは,高校生と大学生のために,「高大連携による数理の副読本」を執筆し,「わかる数理教材」を作成した.このメンバーは,高等学校と金沢工業大学の授業を相互に参観した.高校生と大学生のために,数理教育について情報交換と意見交換を活発に行った.これらによって,アクティブ・ラーニングを取り入れた授業工夫や授業改善が行われた.この活動は,このプロジェクトメンバーにとって大変有意義であり,本学の数理教育力の向上に役割を果たした.;The study group for "the study of the math-science education by the high-school university collaboration" was held 50 times from the 2005 tothe 2014. The summary of the activity of "the education research project by the high-school university collaboration’ is reported. This project member wrote "a side reader of a math and science by the high-school university collaboration" and made "a math-science teaching material tounderstand" for students. They visited the classes of high school and Kanazawa Institute of Technology (KIT) mutually. They exchanged information and opinions about the math-science education for thestudents lively. Due to these, they adopted active learnings and performed ingenuity of lecture and class improvement. It turns out that this activity was very significant for this project member and played its part for the improvement of the math-science education power of KIT.

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