Departmental Bulletin Paper The Effectiveness of Gamification on Students’ Motivation in Writing Class


(24)  , pp.233 - 240 , 2016/3/31 , 金沢工業大学
Learning languages requires tremendous effort and time to master. Needless to say, motivation for learning a target language is essential in order to be a successful learner and a lot of research in this area has been conducted. Obviously, it is difficult for most learners who live in a place where English is used as a foreign language to maintain motivation because they do not usually have a lotof opportunities to use their target language as a communication tool in their daily lives. Those learners assume that they will not use English unless they live in a foreign country. Therefore, most teachers of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) face difficulties to encourage their students in class. Although gamification is a new research area, some researchers do believe that it can be a good way to motivate language learners. This report explains how gamification was implemented in a beginner writing class and how gamification has effected students’ motivation. A survey was conducted about how the participants thought about gamification in writing class and the results reveal that most students showed positive attitudes to the gamified class. Also, this report includes some suggestions for implementation of gamification for further research.

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