Departmental Bulletin Paper プロジェクトデザイン科目で学生が自覚するチームワーク能力の向上とその教育方法;Advance of Teamwork Ability of Which Students Are Self-aware in Subjects of Project-based Learning, and its Instruction Method

松下, 裕;Yutaka, MATSUSHITA  ,  桜井, 将人;Masato, SAKURAI

(24)  , pp.135 - 144 , 2016/3/31 , 金沢工業大学
プロジェクトデザイン(PD)教育の目的は自主的な問題設定と解決案の提案能力の育成にあるが,同時に発表能力とチームワーク能力の向上も目指している.本研究では,PD II とPD 実践を通じて学生がどのようにチームワーク能力の向上を自覚するかを調査し,学生に円滑なチーム活動を行わせるための指導方法を提案する.まず,PD II の学生アンケート結果に基づいて,学生の成績とチームワーク能力向上の自覚状況との関係を分析する.次に,中間期までのチーム活動に対する積極性が最終成績に与える影響力を評価することにより,学生に効果的なチーム活動をさせる上での教員の指導の要点を考察する.さらに,PD II で問題を有した学生のPD 実践での追跡調査結果から,PD II からPD 実践の受け渡し時における指導の要点を提案する.;The project-based learning aims at promoting the ability to find a problem and propose its solution; meanwhile it is also intended to improve the presentation and teamwork ability. This study examines how students are self-aware of the increase of their teamwork ability by taking two types of project-based learning subjects, Project Design (PD) II and PD Practice, and proposes an instruction method such that students can perform teamwork smoothly. First, on the basis of the results of questionnaires for students in PD II, we analyze the relation between students' grades and their self-awareness of the increase ofteamwork ability. Next, evaluating the effect of the positivity of teamwork until the middle of the term on their final grades, we consider the point of instruction for teachers to note. Moreover, we propose the instruction that teachers should give when transferring from PD II to PD Practice by conducting a follow-up survey of students who could notalmost perform teamwork activity in PD II.

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