Departmental Bulletin Paper From Learning to Practicing - Our Education Methods of Teaching Projection Mapping

Qinglian, GUO  ,  Hiroshi, NAGASE  ,  Shota, TAKATA  ,  Keisuke, YASUDA

(24)  , pp.41 - 52 , 2016/3/31 , 金沢工業大学
There are increasing numbers of students who are anxious to learn how to make projection mapping. However, to teach students projection mapping, we have to teach them a lot of basic knowledge and techniques about design, computer graphics, image processing, animation, and video edition. We also have to provide software, projectors, computers, buildings, and environment, only with these can we support the students to learn through practicing that is considered necessary for the education. With the strong support of our university, we have been able to carry out projection mapping projects in our research lab or on our campus since 2013. Because there are courses of computer graphics and image processing starting comparatively early for sophomores in our university, many senior students of have possessed of the basic knowledge necessary for doing projection mapping. Meanwhile, they are desire for such a chance to ensure their knowledge, to promote their abilities, to demonstrate the beauties of CG animations, and to share enjoyment with local people. Through the experiences of the two years, we have constructed out original and effective ways of teaching students projection mapping. In this paper, we would like to introduce our projects, present our education methods, and analysis the results, in order to provide useful information to educators and students who are interested in.

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