Departmental Bulletin Paper クリティカルシンキングの活用による数理科目の学修力向上効果の分析;Analysis of the Improvement Effect of Learning Ability by Utilization ofCritical Thinking in Math and Science Subjects

谷口, 進一;Shin-ichi, TANIGUCHI  ,  西 誠;Makoto, NISH  ,  山岡英孝;Hidetaka, YAMAOKA  ,  中 勉;Tsutomu, NAKA  ,  高 香滋;Koji, TAKA

(24)  , pp.11 - 19 , 2016/3/31 , 金沢工業大学
1 年生のクラスにおける微積分の授業において,Critical Thinking 活用度活性化のために,授業におけるCT のインフュージョン,レポート課題,試験問題にCT 発揮を促す問題の挿入などを実践した。この効果を,ルーブリックを用いて授業開始時と終了時に調査したところ,終了時においては,CT 活用度が活性化していることが確かめられた。この結果の学修力向上度に対する影響を調査するため,小テスト2の得点と期末試験の得点を規格化し,“期末試験得点-小テスト2得点”を算出して,調査対象者を向上群,非向上群に分類した。そして,これをもとに多重ロジスティック回帰分析を行った。その結果,ルーブリックの“要素3,公式の有用度の認識に関するCT の活用”と“要素4,数学の学習法に関するCT の活用”が学修力の向上に有意に大きな影響を与えており,CT 活用度活性化の実践は学修力の向上に有効であることが確かめられた。;The thing on which an infusion of CT, a report problem is imposed andtheinsertion of the problem of suggesting a CT utilization to the part ofthe examination question were practiced for CT utilization activation in a session of the differential calculus and integration in the class of thefrosh in a semester in the second half of 2014. This effect wasinvestigated at the time of the class starting and an end using a rubric.Activation of the CT utilization was confirmed at the time of a class end.To investigate the influence to the degree of the learning abilityimprovement of this result, the score of the final exam and the score ofsmall test 2 a learning area overlaps were normalized. "final examscoring -scores of small test 2" was calculated and an investigation object person was classified into an improvement group and nonimprovementgroup. And a multiple logistic regression analysis was performed based on this result. As a result, " the element 3 of rubric :utilization of CT about the recognition for usefulness of formula " and "the element 4 of rubric : utilization of CT about learning methods of mathematics" to be having a big influence on improvement of the learning ability significantly. And it was confirmed that practice of CT utilization activation in a lesson is effective in improvement of thelearning ability.

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