Departmental Bulletin Paper 医工連携に基づいた消化器縫合装置の開発;Development of Digestive Suture Device Based on Medicine-Engineering Collaboration

森本, 喜隆;Yoshitaka, MORIMOTO  ,  伊藤, 透;Toru, ITO  ,  北方, 秀一;Hidekazu, KITAKATA  ,  新谷, 一博;Kazuhiro, SHINTANI  ,  髙杉, 敬吾;Keigo, TAKASUGI

(23)  , pp.243 - 247 , 2015-11-17 , 金沢工業大学
COC 事業の一つの医工連携プロジェクトのサブプロジェクトとして、金沢医科大学の内視鏡科と共同で消化器の代表である胃の病巣を切除後に胃壁を縫合する装置を大学院生と学生とともに開発した事例について報告する。装置は極小サイズのため3Dプリンタを用いて微細形状部を作成し,装置の動作確認と問題点の抽出を行った.;A new project supported by Center of Community project has been proceeded to develop a digestive suture device attached to the endoscope. This device is operated to suture the stomach wall after extirpating a tumor based on the endoscopic image. The design of this device has to be minimized from the point of the limitation of both the operating space and the insertion space. We have solved these problems to design the device using the minimized parts and the driving mechanism under the supervision of Kanazawa Medical University. An undergraduate student and a graduate student engaged to develop this device. In this paper, the case activities on the development of this device are reported.

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