Departmental Bulletin Paper 地域連携に基づいた医工連携の取り組みと本学学生への連携教育の実態;Activities for medicine-engineering collaboration based on regional cooperation, and education of our students for the activities

新谷, 一博;Kazuhiro, SHINTANI  ,  高野, 則之;Noriyuki, TAKANO  ,  森本, 喜隆;Yoshitaka, MORIMOTO  ,  加藤, 秀治;Hideharu, KATO  ,  田中, 基嗣;Mototsugu, TANAKA  ,  瀬川, 明夫;Akio, SEGAWA  ,  大澤, 敏;Satoshi, OSAWA  ,  小田, 忍;Shinobu, ODA

(23)  , pp.229 - 236 , 2015-11-17 , 金沢工業大学
医工連携プロジェクトは,①「医療機器の創製に関する研究会」の開催,②医工連携オナーズプログラムの遂行,③医工連携研究フォーラムの開催,④授業科目への展開の4項からなり,①では地域企業と本学学生に対して医療従事者と医療機器開発企業による事例報告や問題点を話題提供いただいた.また②では学生に対して生体や医療に関する基礎的知識の付与と,医療現場から発せられた問題をオナーズプログラム参加学生によってその解決策を提案している.③では研究フォーラムを開催し,基調講演や学生たちによってもたらされた研究成果等の報告を行った.④では医療機器メーカの技術者を招聘し,医療機器開発における背景と問題点について話題提供していただき,人に優しいものづくりが必要であることの認識を関連学生に深めさせる.;The medicine-engineering collaboration project consists of the following four activities: (1) holding of “Seminar of drug development with medical equipment,” (2) Implementation of medicine-engineering collaboration honors program, (3) holding of “Research forum of medicine-engineering collaboration,” and (4) application to class subjects at the university. In (1), medical workers and people from medical equipment manufacturers explained case examples and presented problematic issues to the local companies and our students. In (2), basic knowledge of living bodies and medical treatment was provided to students and solutions to the issues raised from the medical front were proposed by the students who joined the honors program. In (3), a research forum was held, where keynote lectures and study results of the students were given. In (4), the background and problems in the development of medical equipment were explained by engineers of the medical equipment manufacturers, which could help the students recognize the importance of human-friendly manufacturing.

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