Departmental Bulletin Paper KIT サイエンス・ミュージアム教育研究プロジェクトによる地域貢献と科学コミュニケーション;Regional Contribution and Scientific Communication by KIT Science-Museum-Education-Research Project

三嶋, 昭臣;Akiomi, MISHIMA  ,  伊藤, 隆夫;Takao, ITOU  ,  田森, 佳秀;Yoshihide, TAMORI

(23)  , pp.149 - 157 , 2015-11-17 , 金沢工業大学
平成26 年8 月に,金沢工業大学で,サイエンス・スクールが開催され,我々のプロジェクトは,「音を観る」講座を開講した。理科教育法Ⅰを履修する学生が中学生に実験を解説し指導した。アンケートで,中学生は全員,学生の説明は丁寧であり,科学に興味を持てたので,来年も参加したいと答えた。学生は,まあまあ指導ができた,コミュニケーションがうまくとれてよかったと答えた。この講座は,近隣の中学生にとって科学に興味を持つ効果的な地域貢献となり,また,教職を目指す学生にとって科学コミュニケーションの教育実践の機会となった。;In August 2014, at Kanazawa Institute of Technology, Science School was held, and our project offered the "Watch the sound" course. The students who take the Science Education Act Ⅰ explained the experiment and instructed the junior high school students. All the members were explained by the students politely, and had an interest in science, so they answered that they would like also to participate next year. The students replied that they might be able to get communications of which the guidance is slightly made well. This lecture was the effective community contributions having an interest in science for the vicinage's junior high school students, and also was the chance of educational practice of scientific communications for the students going into teaching.

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