Departmental Bulletin Paper 「市民カウンセラー養成講座」における補助的役割が大学院生に与える教育効果;Educational effectiveness on graduate students’ auxiliary roles in "training course for the citizen counselor"

石丸, 雅貴;Masaki, ISHIMARU  ,  松本, かおり;Kaori, MATSUMOTO  ,  山上, 史野;Fumino, YAMAKAMI  ,  松本, 圭;Kei, MATSUMOTO  ,  塩谷, 亨;Toru, SHIOTANI

(23)  , pp.31 - 43 , 2015-11-17 , 金沢工業大学
COC 事業「ポジティブ心理学を活用した地域におけるメンタルヘルスのボランティアの育成」(通称「市民カウンセラー養成講座)の実施が、補助的役割を担った臨床心理学専攻の大学院修士1 年次生に与える教育効果を検討した。講座は野々市市民38名を対象とし、基本的な傾聴スキルの講義とロールプレイを主な内容とする5 回の連続講座と1 回のフォローアップ研修から構成されていた。講座で、院生はモデルの提示やロールプレイへの参加、参加者への助言等を担当した。講座開始前に、10 項目の行動目標を院生に提示し、講座終了後、各行動目標に対する達成度を院生に自己評価させ、考察を記載させた。その後、自己評価の妥当性の確認、および、体験の深化を目的に、教員が院生の記した自己評価をもとに半構造化面接を個別に実施した。本稿ではこれら一連の活動で得られた教育成果を報告し、「地域連携」の視点を生かした臨床心理士教育の在り方について考察した。;Center of Community (COC) project "training of volunteers of mental health in a community by utilizing the positive psychology" was implemented. We examined the educational effectiveness for the Master's first year students of clinical psychology major who played auxiliary roles at the project. This training course, consisting of the consecutive five-session including lectures and role-playing of basic listening skills, and a follow-up session. Thirty-eight Nonoichi citizens participated. Five graduate students demonstrated the model of basic listening skills, participated in role-playings, and were responsible for advices to the participants. Before the training course starts, ten items of action targets were presented to graduate students, and they made self-assessment of degree of attainment for each action targets after the course completion. Two faculty staff conducted semi-structured interviews individually with graduate students, and assessed the validity of their self-evaluation. Graduate students referred back to their experiences, and found out their action assignments through this interview. In this paper, we report the educational benefits through the COC project, and examine the way of practical training in clinical psychology, in which takes advantage of "the community based helping activities."

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