Departmental Bulletin Paper エコハウス創造提案活動プロジェクトを通じた教育・学習効果;Educational Impact and Learning Effectiveness of Eco-House Design Proposal Project

垂水, 弘夫;Hiroo, TARUMI  ,  円井, 基史;Motofumi, MARUI  ,  加藤, 未佳;Mika, KATO

(23)  , pp.17 - 30 , 2015-11-17 , 金沢工業大学
金沢工業大学の地域志向教育研究プロジェクトの1 つである「エコハウス創造提案活動プロジェクト」は、これからの時代に求められるエコハウスを対象として、建築学科の3 年生・2 年生を主体とする学生達が、石川県が保有するいしかわエコハウス及び金沢市が保有する湯涌江戸村の金沢町屋の見学及び実測等を通じて検討課題を見い出し、対策を検討して、新たな提案にまで結び付けると云う一連の活動から成るプロジェクトである。本論文では、専門実験・演習科目に該当する建築学科の「建築総合演習A」(3 年前学期)及び「建築総合演習B」(3 年後学期)における取り組みや、課外における活動で得られた成果のうち、サポート教員からみた教育効果と、参加学生メンバーが意識した学習効果を中心に論じる。また、年度末に開催した学外に公開の成果発表会における内容を紹介するとともに、会場で実施したアンケート調査結果について地域連携の必要性などを中心にまとめる。;The Eco-House Design Proposal Project is a regionally-oriented education and research project at the Kanazawa Institute of Technology. The project engages a group composed primarily of second- and third-year students from the Department of Architecture in a series of activities related to eco-houses (ecologically sustainable housing), which will be increasingly important in coming years. Students begin by visiting the Ishikawa Eco-house, which is owned by the Ishikawa Prefectural Government, and Kanazawa Machiya in Yuwaku Edomura, which is owned by the Kanazawa Municipal Government, where they observe and survey the architecture. Based on these visits, the students develop research agendas, investigate measures for controlling the thermal and visual environments, and ultimately produce their own design proposals. The present study focuses on the achievements made in Architectural Integrated Exercises A (third year, first semester) and B (third year, second semester), which are specialized experimental and practical courses in the Department of Architecture, as well as extracurricular activities, from the perspectives of the educational impact of the project as determined by supporting teachers, and its learning effectiveness as experienced by participating students. We also describe the contents of a public presentation of student work held atthe end of the school year and review the results of a questionnaire handed out at the presentation concerning the need for regional cooperation and other issues.

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