Departmental Bulletin Paper 統計・確率科目の理解度調査、および科目接続に向けた取り組みの報告;Reports on researches of understandings for statics-probability classes and an action toward connecting subjects

藤井, 俊;Satoshi, FUJII  ,  堤, 厚博;Atsuhiro, TSUTSUMI

(22)  , pp.149 - 155 , 2015-03-31 , 金沢工業大学
大学初年時の統計学を扱う授業において,前学期と後学期の科目間の連携に取り組んだ.この取り組みの動機は,初年次前学期の科目内で,場合の数や確率を学習し,統計学の初歩を学習するにもかかわらず,後学期の統計・確率科目において,類似する学習内容の理解度が不十分であることが分析されたためである.本年度は,後学期へのスムーズな移行を目論み,前学期の学習内容を工夫した.本事例報告では,昨年度の学生の学習理解度に対する分析を紹介し,理解度を向上させるための本年度の取り組みと前学期の結果を報告する.また,後学期の科目への接続についての展望を述べる.;For classes on which freshman students learn statics, the authors acted on the connections from classes held at the first semester to classes held at the second semester. A motivation of this action is that the authors confirmed students’ understandings of statics and probability at the second semester were not satisfied even though they had learned basics of statics at the first semester. In current year, the authors proposed a smooth transition from the first semester to the second semester, and also considered learning contents. This report show a result of analysis of examinations at the second semester in the last school year, and report the above action and results at the first semester of this year. Furthermore, the authors will express a perspective to the next semester.

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